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Hi, it’s JP Moery with The Moery Company. It’s been an unbelievable time here for our associations. I know it has been for you. It has certainly been for me running a business that serves the association clients on a daily basis. Oh my gosh, what a challenge. But, we’ve launched an Association Stimulus Plan to help revive and stimulate some of your programs because you might need it right now and you may be diverted on so many projects that you can’t implement some of the basics or it may need extra work.
The thing that we’re doing is we’re offering revised programs in sponsorship development, because that’s changing with the cancellations of meetings and moving to virtual platforms, and also membership renewal.
I want to talk about membership renewal a little bit today because you may have delayed renewals, you may have deferment programs, you have may be implementing payment plans. And, in some cases, the association doesn’t have the bandwidth to have people calling and following up to talk about the options available to them. So, here’s what we’re going to do for you in our Renewal Stimulus Package: one is we’re going to review your existing renewal program and membership experience, we might need to shore that up anyway. Because, frankly, you might just have a billing process without a real renewal program for your members. So, we’re going to look long-term at that. And, we’re going to apply some metrics to your current and existing plan and what are you getting back in return. We’re going to use that information to launch a new renewal plan with anything you might be doing in terms of adjustments on timeframe, payment plans, etc. Then, we will take that plan and develop an implementation program for you with new modeling and new renewal modeling, think we should not expect the same renewal rate that we did before. So, we’ve got some ideas and ways to calculate that. And then finally, if you need it, we will do follow up and review and actually implement this plan for you if you need that bandwidth.
The time is now to really think about how you’re going to renew your members for the next year and we’re here for you, if you need it. Thanks for listening and I hope to talk with you very soon.
Read the program announcement here.
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