Is It Okay to Send a Cold LinkedIn Message to Set up a Meeting? – Ask JP #045



Hi, welcome to another edition of Ask JP! The question today is, “Should I – or is it a good idea to – send a cold LinkedIn message to set up a meeting?”
I feel strongly about this.
Secondly, I don’t think we should do cold calling, cold LinkedIn, cold anything.
My goal for you is to do enough research about your prospects to have a reason for why you’re reaching out. When I’m calling someone – especially if they are not expecting something from me – I do so by opening it up by saying, “Hey, I noticed that you were doing ABC and this is what I’m calling you about.” Or, “Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been involved in XYZ, I’ve got an offer for you in this area.”
I never cold call anybody. There’s a reason why I’m connecting with them and share the value that I’m bringing to the table. One of the worst things that I see happening on social media right now is when I receive a connection request and I accept it and then within 24 hours they send me an invitation to have a conversation or they do a sales pitch for their financial services. It’s obtuse and they obviously didn’t do their homework.
Do your homework and have a reason to contact someone, that will make it a warm lead all the time.
Hope that helps. Thanks for the question.


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