Is Washington DC Entrepreneur Friendly? – Ask JP #010



Ask JP question today is, “Do you find that the Washington DC area is entrepreneur friendly?”
Yes, I do.
In fact, I think it’s so entrepreneur friendly that there are a lot of fake entrepreneurs out there. They’re not really entrepreneurs. We’ve got a lot of folks in the association business who give a lot of advice, they’re doing a lot of things, and they don’t even have business! They’re just there to pontificate and add unnecessary noise, however, they don’t have a business and they’re not really an entrepreneur.
To quote my man Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneurism right now is very vogue, it’s very hip, and everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Is there anything back there if look behind the curtain? Is there a real business? Is there a proof that they actually do the work? Is there proof that they actually deliver value for clients and people that pay them? There’s a lot of 21-year-old life coaches out there and they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ve only been around for 21 years!
Washington DC is entrepreneur friendly, just make sure you’re looking for real entrepreneurs and not fake ones when you look for someone to work with.
Hope that’s helpful, thanks for the question!
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