Industry Briefings = Strong Recruitment Tool



I’m a reformed member zealot.  Back in the day, my position was to refuse non-members access to our specialists or content. Over time, that strategy has proven to be wrong. Increasingly your prospects should learn more about the specific offerings. And, showcasing talent on the association staff has proven to be a spot-on recruitment tactic.
The Moery Company uses timely industry briefings or webinars to generate interest with prospective members for our clients. These briefings enable our association partners to learn several things about the participating prospects. For example, this strategy:

  • Ascertains whether the topic resonates with prospects;
  • Identifies interested contact within prospective member company, and
  • Helps establish the dialogue about membership around issues and content, instead of joining.

Emerging industry issues and current policy briefings provide potential members with an expert perspective on and education about the factors that most impact their bottom line. Position your organization as the thought leader(s) representing your industry and the “go-to” source for essential information.
Today, the recruitment process is centered around content on industry expertise as demonstrated by the association. This is a more concrete place to start the conversation – rather than, “Have you read my membership brochure?” – A weak approach in today’s recruitment strategy.


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