It Is All About Digital, Data and Diversity in 2021 – Association Field Report (January 8, 2021)



Welcome to observations from the field. Today we are going to cover the three D’s that are essential for 2021.  
 The first D is digital. This is all about what is happening right now and digital programs and events that are being delivered. It’s important to be making adjustments to the way you deliver your digital content. Build and produce your content for digital and make it short, because people engage more with digital content. When you’re reaching out to leaders, bringing new people into your organization, and reaching new people within these member companies remember that they may not have been able to participate in in-person events and that’s why going digital is a game changer. Now is the time to double down on podcasting, video, and social media. 
The second D is data. One top request we get from our clients is can we build our list of prospects or potential customers better? And once the digital delivery systems are implemented can you pull data to make the next marketing play? The answer is that it will be a big digital play. 
 The third D is diversity. Recently there were a lot of statements around diversity and a lot of conversations arose from it. So, are you going to do something about it? If you don’t deliver on diversity with substantial programs and efforts to diversify your membership it will come back on you in 2021. Those are three D’s: digital, data and diversity. 
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