Join MoeryLAI #9 Racer at Final Event!



Thank you for supporting the #9 Belardi Auto Racing/MoeryLAI race cars last weekend at the Grand Prix of Baltimore.  It was a fantastic experience.  In fact, let’s just keep this going!
MoeryLAI is providing supporters the opportunity to win all access passes for the September 14-15 race program at Virginia’s pre-eminent racing venue, Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA.
The MoeryLAI #9, piloted by the talented driver Wayne Boyd, will participate in two USF2000 races – Friday at 11:40 am and Saturday at 9:15 am.  These races will support the prestigious American LeMans Series program held Saturday afternoon.
Subscribers to the new MoeryLAI Association Leadership Newsletter will be eligible for a special drawing to select two winners.  Each winner will be provided two passes.
Simply complete the sign up sheet below and check the box “subscribe to newsletter.”
Good luck.  I hope to see you next week at the track!  JP


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