JP’s Most Difficult Career Decision and Something He Would Do Differently- Ask JP #080



Hi, everybody, it’s Ask JP, welcome to this episode! I have two questions today.
Question #1: What is the most difficult decision you have to make in your business?
It’s quite an easy one. I’ve had to make personnel decisions over time including terminating folks from their job. That’s the most difficult by far.
Here’s why. It is frankly my fault. I hired these folks, I train them, I thought they were in the best position. I did not or did generate enough business and resources for them to be successful. I provided them the professional development opportunities or not. I called their referrals or not, it’s my fault. It’s my leadership, I wasn’t clear on expectations and all those things. I had biweekly one on ones with the person, I had quarterly reviews to try to get them on the right track, I had annual reviews on all the things that we’ve talked about in the year behind us.  I had every chance in the world to make the change, and I take responsibility for that difficult decision and that failure.
Question #2: Is there anything else you wished you would have done differently in your career path, and if so, what would it be?
That’s an easy one, more patients. I made changes in my career directionally, that probably worked out over time, but I did them for a couple 1000 bucks, or maybe that the manager that I had at the time was on me for a certain reason. Very short-term reasons to make those changes.  I wasn’t patient enough. We’ve got so much time.  Believe me now after being in the workforce for 35 years, we’ve got plenty of years to wait things out and let the game come to you.
There’s one thing I would impart to my friends that are just getting started into their career and that’s this, be patient because so many things change. The best opportunity may lay right in front of you, and it may be in the job or the company that you have currently. Thanks for the questions. Keep them coming. I wish you the best.
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