Just Pick Up the Phone – Association Field Report (August 27, 2021)



Hi, everybody, it’s JP Moery, observations from the field. I want to tell you about a little tactic that we picked up over the last several months. We are starting to adopt and have a phone first mentality – this has been very helpful to our team as a whole.
These are the days in which you can do a lot of things before you would call somebody on the phone, you can send them an email, you can direct message them, you can text them, you can go on social media and address the issue. The fact of the matter is, I think picking up the phone and making the call whether it’s to provide a service to them, whether it’s to deal with a customer service issue, or just call and give someone encouragement is a very powerful differentiator.
It also gives you more action. For example, when you’re calling you can then follow up with an email or a DM or a text. So, you can cover in several different formats, the ability to communicate with someone.
It also gives you energy. There’s no mistaking this, that when you talk to somebody and you engage with them directly, and you can hear their verbal or see them on zoom and get video cues from them, that’s incredibly powerful.
So, I would say phone first mentality is an observation from the field. It enables you to get more action, it enables you to gain energy, and you differentiate yourself from everyone that’s caught in an email first mentality.
I hope that’s helpful, and we’ll keep watching things and kind of giving it to you in this content. Thanks for watching.
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