Know the “Why” in Value Propositions – Association Field Report (January 29, 2021)



Hello, welcome to observations from the field.
I will cover the importance of the “why” in value propositions.
I have been working on a lot of value proposition work currently, helping associations articulate the value proposition across different membership or industry segments.
Let me give a tip here. One is, I think we should identify the solutions and the results of being a member in the association. Sometimes we get caught up in listing the programs and the services. Like events, advocacy, committees, training, but we don’t address the why. The why is really what they’re buying.
When you’re in an environment where we’re just selling programs and services and the program is cancelled, i.e., a demand, we’re in trouble. So, what you really need to be about is the why. Why are they saving money? Are they making money? Are they developing great business operations? What are the results of being a member?
That’s what we’ve got to focus on and do instead of just the menu of different benefits and services. hope that’s helpful.
Best wishes.


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