Launching a Podcast? Why a “Discovery Strategy Session” is Key



Podcasting is one of the fastest growing and effective communications tools today. I’ve been hosting JP Moery’s Association Playbook podcast for more than two years now – and, it’s had a tremendous impact on our business.
If you are thinking about launching a podcast – the critical first step is to engage in a “Discovery Strategy Session.” Before moving forward, you need to nail down the answers to the following questions:
#1 What are you trying to accomplish?​​ How will this fit into your communication strategy?
#2 Who’s your audience?
#3 What is the best frequency and format?
Whenever you attempt to grow some element of organizational performance, establishing clarity is key on why you’re making a change, what will it look like, what are the goals, and how will it move the needle? And, it’s no different in podcasting. Why launch in the first place? Who’s your audience? What content will provide the most value to your audience?
The answers will help determine how long your podcast should be. Will your episodes be a solo recording or interview format? Should your podcast post weekly, biweekly, monthly?
After you address these questions and establish a strategy, you can focus on delivering what the audience wants. Associations tend to highlight its annual conference, a webinar, and government affairs activity – however, it’s important to craft the content in a way that is most valuable to the member and their business objectives.
When The Moery Company set out to launch, I knew my target audience would be association CEOs, because they are the folks buying our services. We developed CEO-driven content, which includes best practices in sales, leadership, and association observations on trends and growth areas. As the owner of a small business, my time is valuable, so I developed a fast-hitting format – just 5 to 7-minutes long.
The takeaways are: establish what you want to accomplish, who you want to reach, and the best format and frequency. The “Discovery Strategy Session” is the  all-important first step. I launched the Moery Podcast Implementation service this year, and if you’d like to discuss the details, schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone call with me. I’d be pleased to go over the process.


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