Lessons from the race track which can help your business.



MoeryLAI sponsored auto racing teams this month.  Not only was it a great experience (you must get to the race track!), but I found a few parallels to business.
1. You must be good just to get on the grid.  As in most business today, your company really needs to be pretty good just to get on the track and be worthy of watching.
2. There is no substitute for precision and speed.  One bobble can send you to the back of the pack with customers.  Companies or leaders that aim, aim, aim won’t be on the podium.  Ever.
3. Last on the brake, first on the gas.  Those on the podium, are simply driving just a bit harder…or can because their machinery is more precise, are more confident they will stay on the track or just DRIVEN to win.
Oh, yes.  A great deal to learn from racers.  I can’t wait to go again


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