Lessons Learned from The Gettysburg Battlefield



A Moery Company LogoAbout 15 years ago – I, along with a very special gathering of association CEOs, participated in a unique learning experience at the Gettysburg Battlefield. In planning the visit, we had help from General Gordon Sullivan, the leader of the Association of the United States Army, and Brigadier General Dan Christman, with the US Chamber. And to them, I was truly grateful as it was an unbelievable opportunity to not only visit the Battlefield, but to learn from it.
We learned about leadership and communication skills from Confederate General Robert E Lee’s inability to effectively convey orders and strategy to new leadership on the ground. We learned about blind courage through Pickett’s Charge, an infantry assault ordered by General Lee against Major General George Meade’s Union positions. We also learned about technology with regard to General Meade’s Bored Musket, which had been developed shortly before that battle enabling troops to shoot at a much further distance. It was an incredible experience.  And of course, Brigadier General Joshua Chamberlin’s incredible “fix bayonets” courage at Little Round Top.
So, 150-plus years ago there was a horrible, yet fascinating occurrence for the study of leadership, technology, communication, strategy, and courage – so many applications for business.
Currently, I’m working with the Gettysburg Foundation to take another group of business leaders up there and will update you as plans develop. I’m always looking forward, but don’t they say history always repeats itself?  We just don’t learn from it.  Let’s do.
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