Looking to Replace Your Sales Team? You Should Take a Second Look



I’ve been around a lot of execs these last few weeks and some of those folks are looking to make major changes to the sales structure in their organizations. Before taking action, I hope associations consider we are virtually at full employment.  And, sales effectiveness is changing dramatically in the business to business climate.
While sales activity is extremely important, it is not the sole component of a successful program.  Strategy, good sales process, sound value proposition, modern marketing, and excellent data must be in place.  I worry many organizations are looking past fundamentals and putting all the emphasis on a sales person not supported or utilizing the above.
Someone churning out phone calls is not the answer to your challenges.
Here is what I mean. The Moery Company conducts about 60% of our interaction by email and about 40% is through phone.  So, before you hire up some newbies to dial for dollars, I encourage you to become part of your sales team for a few weeks.
Get a list of the top 10 prospects. Ensure the team provides you with the entirety of collateral information and tools you’ll need to sell an association membership. Take 5 of those prospects who are already in your pipeline and start contacting them. Request 5 people who are not in the pipeline – cold prospects – and, call them about joining your organization.
Put yourself into a salesperson’s shoes for about a month. See if your experience changes your perspective on your existing team.
Make sense? This exercise can be very helpful and the takeaways from your experience can enhance your sales group with prospect engagement and interaction.
Look, The Moery Company wants your membership development and sponsorship sales work, and we are here to help. I caution everyone against wholesale change – without a thoughtful review process of your activity and methodology. Give me a shout if you want to talk it out.
To find out more about selling at your association, RSVP for the next Moery Webinar: How Non-Salespeople Can be Great at Selling on May 2nd at 2:30 pm.


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