Meeting the Needs of Your Sponsorship Partners



Selling sponsorships over the last year for events has been a very unique experience. It often feels like in-person events were changing as quickly as overnight. This would then change the sponsorship inventory along with benefits and sponsors needs. We all experienced a lot of change in one year.
In the current environment, it can often feel uncomfortable when a prospect brings up something that they’re looking for in the benefit package that isn’t already listed. Suddenly, you’re negotiating something that you had never put on the table to begin with. However, I encourage you – instead of looking at this as uncomfortable or a problem – to look at it as a huge opportunity. Someone from the industry is coming forward to share their needs with you; what they’re looking for in the experience for themselves. This provides you with a ton of intel for either the current sponsorship inventory or for future sponsorship inventory.
Maybe you can’t offer this benefit right now, however, once your partners explain what they’re looking for, you could think of another benefit that would help accomplish that. It’s an awesome opportunity for conversation and building a relationship with a prospect for either this event or future events.
So, next time a sponsor brings something that you don’t have listed on your benefits package, embrace this opportunity, engage with them, and learn what you can.
If you’d like to discuss sponsorships further, or how you can connect with prospects, email me at Looking forward to hearing from you.


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