Moery Company Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Craig Purser



I’m Craig Purser and I’m the President and CEO of the National Beer Wholesalers Association. I’m also a member of The Moery Company advisory board.
My association represents independent beer distributors from across the country. We have member companies in every state and in every congressional district, from Maine to California. I’ve been on The Moery Company advisory board just about since the inception of the company and I’ve got to tell you, this is a great organization!
You know, in Washington or in associations, we’re really good at identifying problems. As a matter of fact, we got lots of people to tell us and help us with identifying our problems. But, one of the things that’s best about The Moery Company is their ability to help associations and their clients identify solutions. They’re terrific as it relates to helping identify what a challenge may be for you, but more importantly, by helping you arrive at a solution. I’ve also known JP Moery and Diane Moery, probably longer than anybody else in this town in as much as we were friends in college.
The Moery Company brings a focused and disciplined approach to every challenge that they endure; whether it’s a challenge with identifying new revenue streams, whether it’s identifying way to grow your membership, whether it’s work with selling a particular program, or driving more member engagement. The Moery Company sets the standard when it comes to association services.
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