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Hi, I’m Sandy Lynch, Vice President of Public Affairs and Member Services for Associated Builders and Contractors. We are a national trade association with 21,000 members based in DC. We work with 69 chapters around the country to help our members develop people, win work, and deliver that work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which we work.
I have been in the association world for more years than I’d like to count. First at the American Trucking Association, then on to the American Moving and Storage Association, and now at ABC where I’ve been since 2013. There are literally thousands of associations in DC. The things that the associations that I’ve elected to work for have in common is that the CEO is the member and that most of them have built their business from the ground up. They’re hard working, family focused, competitive, but they like to do business with one another. And, they work and play hard.
I met JP when we both worked at the American Trucking Associations many years ago. He knows everyone in Washington and is known as a connector. Over the years, whenever I’ve had a challenge or I needed a resource, he was the first person I called. He would always say that he had the resource or he would say, “I know a guy. Or, I know about…!” He was always eager to share his Rolodex.
I think one of the things I’ve appreciated and watched over the years, is the ability for The Moery Company to adjust and adapt and find creative ways to help associations. They were the first to develop the playbook to help associations grow, whether that was membership or sponsorship or whatever they needed. One thing that I found valuable, especially as a client, is the ability to look outward and see all of the different opportunities to work with your organization. Sometimes, you’ve become very siloed in your organization and don’t see all the opportunities that are right there before you.
I’m thrilled to serve on the advisory board. It’s an esteemed group. I get something out of it every time we get together and really feel like it’s been one of the highlights of my career. And, I look forward to continuing to work with The Moery Company.
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