Moery Partners with InLoop to Launch Association Media Platform



We have some BIG news at the Big Red “M.” We are launching a cutting-edge industry news platform – through InLoop – designed through artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the most relevant and influential association content the industry as to offer.
InLoop is the leading AI-powered content curator and publisher for associations – and, this robust information platform is now available to our readership.
The Moery Company has embraced the opportunity to deliver our thought leadership to the association profession on a regular basis using blogging, podcasting, and video. It’s been tremendous for us. And, to be honest – we get great feedback.
Through our partnership with InLoop, we will combine our own homegrown content with the very best in association news and articles around business development, advocacy, revenue growth, and more into a compelling, scalable communications platform. In a way, we are launching a media company – and, that is very exciting. Check out the live Moery Company Newsfeed.


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