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Earlier this summer I began my employment at The Moery Company as the Executive Assistant to the President. Although I am relatively new to the association community and The Moery Company, I thought I would share insight into my experiences as an employee that is navigating the professional and association space for the first time.
What is one thing you have learned as a new person in the association/professional space?
My short amount of time as an assistant has taught me that communication is always the number one priority in business development. My daily responsibilities include scheduling calls for the CEO with potential clients, current clients, and employees. I’m also responsible for sending out marketing email blasts and following up to schedule 1-on-1 conversations about association trends. Establishing an open portal of communication through all of the different platforms encourages growth and new perspectives. When I send an email communication, although content does not reach everyone at once, people will always listen to communication that motivates them to have those 1-on-1 interactions. At the Moery Company, I have realized the importance of being open and vulnerable about personal experiences. The constant drive to promote honest and thoughtful dialogue will accelerate new business relationships. As I play a small role in requesting these conversations, I have seen just how invaluable they are to our company.
What recommendations do you have for students entering the workforce for the first time?
When one begins a position at a new company, the training process can be overwhelming and daunting. While learning the ins and outs of what your job entails, you try to keep your head down to focus on completing tasks that are presented to you. This may cause you to eliminate unknown or new actions that would lead you to make mistakes. A first-time job often proves to feel uncomfortable and uncertain. However, I have learned there is a skill that is important to develop outside of your structured . Rather than only performing the job description, ask in-depth questions and take risks by doing something that may not fall under your dictated tasks. Develop new ideas and question the processes to put yourself on the path to excel in your position rather than just doing what is requested of you. These qualities will highlight your value and innovation in your new role.
What advice will you give someone who is navigating the professional and association space for the first time?


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