Navigating the Future – Association Field Report (December 10, 2021)



Hello, it’s JP Moery with an Observation from the Field. Here are three things that I’m seeing in my conversations or observing as I’m watching organizations navigate the future.

  1. Entrenched issues are being addressed in the governance space.
    • Issues that we’ve seen for a very long time and were ignored or avoided are being addressed. A lot of that is coming in terms of unprecedented governance adjustments.
    • They can adjust leadership, adapt the market realities of company representation on their boards and their committees. Find the skills on the board of directors that the association needs to move forward, rather than just looking for companies that can write big checks and be on the boards.
  1. Doubling down on membership growth and the need to be proactive about it.
    • We’re starting to see association CEOs saying, “Man, we’ve really got to address this membership issue.” It’s dragging our partnerships down because the suppliers don’t see us as valuable. We’re inhibiting industry growth. Our event and program attendance are languishing. The engagement in our programs is not as robust as it used to be.  The reason why is because our membership is not strong, they’re not engaged, and we’re not bringing new lifeblood into the organization to keep things fresh.
  1. Workforce.
    • I’m going to combine the experience that I’m having right now in motor racing sponsorships and what I’m hearing from some of those prospects. They’re using motorsports and those sponsorships to be part of a team, to make the workforce and employees enthusiastic about the company.
    • They will have something to cheer for or they want to showcase through their motorsports sponsorship the opportunity to work in an industry with that spokesperson. Displaying the car, having booths at the racetrack to showcase products or the opportunities to work in that industry.

Those are three observations from the field. And I hope they’re helpful to you. I look forward to chatting next time.

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