Need a New Approach to Prospect Engagement? Differentiate Yourself.




I’m pretty pumped about a new engagement tactic that’s working for me with our prospects.
Recently, I was reviewing a client’s sponsorship program and noticed several areas of improvement. This prompted me to look over a prospect’s sponsorship prospectus as well. I made a few observations and typed up a brief note to the CEO and the head of the sponsorship program of this prospective client.
The goal was to play the long game, provide value, and build some awareness that we could help.
Within 30 minutes, the prospect responded, and a connection was made. It’s a fantastic way to define how you might be able to help and an opportunity to offer some type of assistance for free.
Just send a note over – “Hey, I looked at your website and thought this might help…” or “Hi, I saw your membership page and I believe your testimonials could be improved by….” If you proceed in this manner, it shows the prospect you care, showcases your expertise, and demonstrates you’re different than 90% of the people trying to get the prospect’s business.
This isn’t about giving something away for free.  It’s about differentiating yourself from the market.   Identify your top prospects, spend some time researching them, and provide some complementary insights.  Then, watch your relationships grow. I hope this helps – I believe you’ll see some great results.
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