Your Need for Control May Strangle Business Growth




I have a quick tip about a unique barrier to growth within associations and small companies. I’ve observed this behavior for a long time and, frankly, I struggle with it myself.
It’s the issue of control. I firmly believe, the more willing you are to relinquish aspects of your business development operations to your team, the more successful your organization will become. If you want to expand the business – you may require more bandwidth, so place trust in your people. Empower them to contact more prospects and expand bandwidth.  What is the worst thing that can happen?
 Here’s how control stunts new business.
One of the biggest barriers to Moery Company growth is that I stick my nose in every damn thing. Once I let go and gave my team more responsibility in implementing projects and sales campaigns, our revenue began to grow.
And, I’ve learned over and over again – most of our fastest growing association membership and sponsorship clients are the ones who share with us their business goals, collaborate when needed, and but allow us to sell and, frankly, stay out of the way 90% of the time.
On the flip side, those organizations who hire us and hold back critical information to the sales effort (ie: “We want you to call everyone, except these people) – those are the ones with control issues, which only hamper our ability to do our job. Unfortunately, we can’t help them grow as much as we’d like. The bottom line? Let go and trust those dedicated to your success.  And, frankly if you don’t trust – that is a totally different issues.
So, my challenge to you – take an honest look at your business operations and delegate. Empower someone to reach out to more clients, more prospects, and to serve members and sponsors. It’s pretty liberating. Just, let go – empower salespeople to do their job. Allow your consultants to do their job. My guess is you’ll see increased revenue as a result. Hope this perspective helps!
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