New Entrepreneurs – You Won’t Be First.



I have a few nuggets of advice for entrepreneurs that want to…
hang out a shingle, run my own thing, be a CEO, be a President, build something that’s mine, act on my great ideas no one else wanted to do, and, of course, BE THE BOSS!
If that is your motivation.  Stop and re-think it before you move forward.
The reality is you are “last” and will be for a very long time.  Here’s what comes before you:
Your employees – because you damn sure can’t do it all.  Their success is more important than your abilities.
Your customers – because they decide if you get paid or not.
Your family – because they still need you, and you them.
Your banker, accountant, and lawyer – because you likely don’t know that stuff.
Your prospects – because they want a proposal.
Many of us launch a business with an abundance of personal goals and ambitions.  However, it is essential to let go of your ego.  Ego is never satisfied and will keep you from focusing on those who really matter for a successful business.


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