Organizational Behaviors During the Pandemic – Association Field Report (October 22, 2021)



Hi there, it’s JP Moery, founder of The Moery Company with Observations from the Field.  I’ve got a couple observations. I saw two behaviors from organizations during the pandemic. One: groups that absolutely put their foot on the gas and adapted by delivering more content, more engagement opportunities, and had virtual events.  They had all the things that delivered incredible value. They in fact, doubled down during that time. Two: then there were other groups that did the minimum.  They adapted some, but they didn’t fully embrace the opportunity to engage all these new audiences that were in the industry that maybe they didn’t reach before.
So now we’ve got a tale of two cities in a way. I see double-digit decreases in attendance in some events and meetings, and until there is a full rebound, that’s going to probably affect sponsor and exhibit revenue as well.  Organizations are going to be challenged in that way.
I’ve also seen the organizations that went to the nth degree and doubled down during the pandemic, in terms of the way that they engage their members in their industry with live videos, constant promotion, and keeping people familiar of what was getting ready to come, their value increased.  They were so active and really utilize some new resources and built some new muscle during that time. Those organizations are now flourishing because of the audience’s that they developed during the pandemic.
Spoke with one association, that’s on site right now with mask requirements to take care of their folks in terms of safety, but has record attendance, even prior to 2019.  I think that’s because of all the things that they did during the era of the pandemic that changed so many of our businesses.
So, look at that in the future. Do you lean into the things that are happening? Do you embrace them? Do you change, but do you really kind of move forward? Don’t wait around.  That’s my observation for today. Hope it’s helpful to you. Talk soon. Bye-bye.
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