Outsourcing: The Myth Debunked



I feel the need to debunk a big myth about outsourcing. Something I hear regularly is,  “We don’t want to outsource membership sales because this is such a close-knit family industry.” Well, let’s break this down a bit, and I’ll share my perspective.
First, a trend we see regarding successful membership sales is actively selling solutions to problems rather than benefits. How can you do this? When you outsource, you can cover more ground because there’s more focus on the membership program you have in place.
Secondly, when we’re selling for you, we’re focused very much on the problems the prospect has and how the association can solve them. We’re covering more ground; we’re focused only on that project; and, we hone in on the solutions your association can provide.
Ultimately, through our process – when new members join, they have formed great relationships and have solid expectations of the association. In fact, one of our clients renewed 100% of the members we recruited for them in year #1.
My experience on the association side is those who manage their membership recruitment programs, cannot be as focused as is needed because the “wear a lot of hats.” They have several other responsibilities within the association, whether it’s communications, marketing, finance, etc – these folks are spread thin.  Lack of focus = low velocity.
These staff don’t always have the bandwidth required to engage the prospects with solution selling and to build those enhanced relationships. Most often, they will simply send out the membership brochure and wait for a response. Without that personal contact, the association may not know the specific reasons why a prospect ultimately joins and what is truly wanted and needed from their membership.
Outsource firms have the time and focus on nurturing those relationships, so for those of you who may use “relationships” as an objection to outsourcing membership sales, I have a much different opinion and have the results to prove it.
I wanted to break this down today and “debunk” the outsourcing myth because this objection is one we often hear. If your association wants to set the standard and prime the pump for great relationships with your membership, I would argue outsourcing may be the best solution for you. Shoot me a message at jp@moerycompany.com if you’d like to know more. I’m happy to chat about it. Talk to you soon.


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