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Last week we closed out the month of April and, as a business leader, I’ve never had a more challenging month. I’m sure many of you can say the same. With all of the challenges that we’ve faced, I have never been more inspired by the team that I work with.
So, I asked my team, “How have you been able to do it? What have you learned from this process as the business community has collapsed and associations pulled back by canceling events and programs?”
Here are some of their replies:
1. Don’t get too comfortable, ever. My colleague said, “I’ve always tried not to be too comfortable but, I can tell you this, I’m never going to be comfortable again!” Always adapt and adjust.
2. The fortunes of follow up. The fact that you can stay involved and keep contacting folks that may want to do business with you with the right amount of empathy and concern for their business will actually get them to work with you. If not now, then in the future.
3. Diligence and consistency. When you see the things that are going on right now it’s very easy to take a day off and not do anything. I think we learned from another one of my colleagues, the ability to be very diligent and consistent with set workflows is necessary. With that came the recognition that this is really a long-term play and we’ve always done that with our sales team. It’s not the right now, it’s the long-term. If you’re thinking long term, it’s much easier to develop that diligence and consistency on a daily basis when all sorts of things are trying to get you off balance.
4. Timely messaging. We’ve always wanted to have the right message in our business development work for the time. Now, as one of our sales team members mentioned, that needs to adapt almost on a daily basis. She’s so right.
Cheers to a new month ahead full of opportunities.
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