Overcoming Decision-Making Paralysis



I’m concerned.
Businesses and associations are taking too long to make decisions.  The problem you face isn’t going away, getting better or resolving itself.  Occasionally, I think decision-making paralysis is a result of short-term thinking.
The decision to start a project, hire a vendor, or shutter a program – which just hasn’t taken off can be difficult at the 11th hour.  However, if you think about the long-term impact, use of resources, or the opportunities ahead of the decision – making the call gets a bit easier.
Consider this:

  • Looking ahead 5 years from now, is this really a big deal?  From this perspective, the decision could get easier to make.
  • If we move forward, could there be significant long-term benefits to my organization?  Then, what’s taking so long to pull the trigger?
  • Will making the call now, with the information I have at hand – help address a situation, which has long been problematic and caused tension within the organization?

As a leader, think about making a decision every day with an eye to the future.  Work that decision-making muscle, the exercise will enable you to be proactive, feel empowered and demonstrate your ability to move ahead.


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