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We always talk about how “speed” kills in sports. If you’re faster – a good bet is, you’re better. Now more than ever before, “speed” is having an incredible impact on business. Let me share a story to make my point.
In Q4 2016, The Moery Company had twice as many sales then in Q4 2015. Over the course of the last year, we’ve taken our game to the next level by publishing more content than ever before; in fact, we’ve tripled the amount we push through social media per week. We produce a podcast, stream live video, post to YouTube, publish blogs, and deliver an e-newsletter every single week. Not to mention – re-posting varied content on our platform 3 times a day. Our efforts are paying off.
Today, when we meet with potential clients on our consulting and sales services – the amazing thing is they already know who we are and what we do –  now more than ever before in the history of our company. These folks have listened to our podcast and read our blogs before we’ve even walked through the door.
Our strategy has been to build awareness about the company in every way the new internet has to offer. As our brand has grown, our sales cycle has become shorter (primarily because we don’t expend time early on in the sales process on who we are and what we do) – our prospects already know this.  In fact, they are selecting us because of what they see from our content.
Our consistent and strategic presence on social media has led to unprecedented business growth, an uptick in varied projects because the prospects are picking us…instead of us cold calling them, and more valued referrals.  We are learning how to do business better.
How does that apply to your association? Well, can your 30-day on-boarding process be reduced to 15? Your weekly newsletter, which features 7 or 8 stories – can it be restructured to run 3 times a week featuring 3 stories each? Frequency is better. Have you considered the power of Facebook Live? Live streaming is a powerful tool to boost messaging on everything your organization has to offer. What are you doing to build awareness right now?  
My challenge to you is this: take some of your key projects and perform a bit of a GE Workout, like Jack Welch used to do at General Electric – review your processes and find the kinks, the pothole, the inefficiencies and start shortening up that cycle. If you do this, you’ll get faster, and ultimately better.
Also, you really need to fly around the ball more by DOUBLING THE WORK THROUGH SPEED!
Yes, speed kills in sports – but, it’s proven to be a killer method in upping our game in business as well. If you have any questions about jumping into social, contact me at jp@moerycompany.com. 
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