Post Pandemic Membership Surge – Association Field Report (June 5, 2020)



Your association could experience a new member surge over the next three months. You probably think I’m crazy for saying that. However, I’ve seen it happening over the last several weeks.
I’ll give you an example. A trade association put out an incredible infographic that displayed all of the things that they’ve been doing: letters to state officials and local governments, the number of communications they’ve had with the federal government, the number of new webinars that they’ve been conducting for their members, telecommunications and conference calls that they’ve had with the state chapters, and more. They put all that value into one infographic that they used to equip their sales and membership teams and combined it with compassion, empathy, and context when contacting prospects.
The result? Many new members coming on board during the pandemic and economic crisis. Why? Because they are seeing the demonstration of what your association can provide to them in good times, bad times, and the worst of times.
My point today is to develop a list of key accounts and all of the people that you’ve been engaging during this time that are non-members. Reach out to them now to talk about a long-term partnership with them. You’ve been together during a crisis and now it’s time to (re)build the industry during this recovery period.
I think the next three months will be an absolutely fantastic opportunity for your organization to develop long standing industry relationships.
Let’s get started today.
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