What prospects want from your association.



MoeryLAI has made tens of thousands of contacts this year to membership prospects.  We have recruited companies which manufacture paint to those that bake goods for your dinner table.  Small, medium and large businesses seem to be motivated by different parts of the value proposition.
Small businesses seek business growth.  Small companies want association membership to help accelerate business expansion.  Owners fear failure will come because not enough people will buy their stuff.  Help them fix that problem with specific tools and benefits. The small business owner has very little time to enjoy other benefits, such as live events and committee participation.
Medium sized companies need technical expertise in regulatory and government relations.  As companies grow, the exposure to industry regs and standards gets intense.  Many growth organizations have yet to invest  the resources and people to monitor in-depth technical issues.  Associations with a strong technical background can really deliver value to these emerging enterprises.
Three key factors have helped us land big game.  First, big companies don’t like to see its competitors holding all the leadership cards in industry associations.  Secondly, a “seat at the table” during the regulatory process is a big deal.  The position of a pro-active stakeholder as decisions about a product line or industry is very important.   Third, a leadership change in the company has often helped us leverage a legacy non-joiner.  Monitor key personnel shifts for the right timing.  These new executives may seek a leadership fast track and are eager to join.  Play the ego card!
Hope these themes help your successful recruitment efforts.


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