Questions for Chief Executives to ask Membership Staff



A few years ago I conducted in-depth interviews with association chief executives to gain views on organization growth. An “a-ha” moment was when I found a hearty few CEOs were deeply familiar and engaged in the association’s business development practices.
Unfortunately, many leaders were not familiar in the strategies, tactics or activities of the sales team. As many of you are making budget plans for 2013, ask these three questions of your sales operation.

  1. Provide a list of the top ten member prospects, the strategy to recruit and the approximate dues to the association if the “key account” joins.
  2. List the entire membership pipeline with the likelihood to close and the date expected.
  3. Report the number of membership sales contacts made last week, the companies contacted and notes from the dialog.

If you can’t get a specific response on any of the requests, it’s likely your association might require a more comprehensive review.
Don’t be coaxed into complacency.


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