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JP Moery has recently been speaking about his Key Accounts Program, which focuses on the “Big Fish” – those big membership prospects your organization has been trying to recruit but can’t seem to bring across the finish line.  His Key Accounts Matrix is a document that brings together different pieces of information, contacts, press, and other key details.
I have a few research tools to help you start populating your Key Accounts Matrix.  First, you’ll want to start with any intel inside your organization about the prospect –

  • Have there been conversations with or information sent to the prospect?
  • When was the last contact with the prospect?
  • Does your government affairs shop know their DC lobbyist or contract firm?

The next step is to use public search tools to glean information about policy issues.  Below are some search tools to get you started –
1) Lobbying – Search Company Name – See tabs across top 1) lobbyist 2) issues 3) agencies 4) Bills 5) Report Images. Report Images will have the issues they lobbied Congress. These can tell two stories: 1) What issues the prospect cares about, and 2) Are they missing an entire subset of issues your organization provides leadership.
2) Political Donation – Search individual corporate officer names. This will provide insight if they are politically active, which could be a good contact for emails.
3) PAC – If the organization is larger and has a lobby shop, search for PAC
Google Searches

  1. Company website – issues, possible other organizations
  2. Company name and corporate officers (Bloomberg or another financial resource for names and descriptions)
  3. Company name and legislation
  4. Company name and regulation
  5. The last thing is to set up a GOOGLE ALERT on each prospect, which will alert you of news articles or activity on them. Be careful about your keywords used for the alert.

These are just a few ways to assist you in teasing out good topics for emails, sending briefs, and updates on those things the prospect cares and wants to know more about.
Diane Moery is the Chief Operating Officer at The Moery Company. Connect with Diane on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.


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