How Do You Respond to New Members?



A Moery Company LogoYou’re never more excited about a purchase or transaction more than in the first moments. And, that goes for individuals or organizations when they join associations. So what happens when your membership department receives the check? Does someone from your association call the new member and say, “Fantastic! We are so pleased that you’ve joined. We are going to do everything we can to help your business. Who else needs to know about the benefits we will be providing?” This communication should happen immediately.
But, you know what I see sometimes? I see a welcome email; a letter that follows 10 days later with a copy of the magazine – but, worse: I’ve seen associations sit on membership applications for weeks. So, my question is – do you want them or not? If you want new members, how are you going to treat them when they come on board?
This is reflective for me as well. When I get a new client contract – I should be calling them right away. Man, we should be jumping up and down because there is someone out there willing to give their money and energy to our organization. This is something that should be celebrated – with an authentic and valuable response.
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