Return on Investment Statement for Association Membership Recruitment and Renewal



Today, I’ve got some thoughts for you around membership.
Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched the convergence of recruitment and renewal and how they are beginning to look the same. In the fall 2020, I think this is certainly going to be the case.
Some food for thought…
Associations need to start preparing today by creating a return on investment statement. Your existing members want to be sure that the are going to make an investment in 20201 that they made in 2020 keeping in mind everything that you did for them during the pandemic, as an example. There are also prospective members who are looking at organizations and thinking about the return on investment that they’ll get if they join. They want to remove the risks.
Second, the objection from prospects that your association is going to do all the work anyway and they don’t have to pay for it, in my sense, is going away. If the prospect is in tune, they can see what associations are doing for them and the industry and how important they are right now. Potential members may anticipate and be able to recognize – for the first time ever – that the association is truly valuable. They’re seeing the direct impact of your work so take advantage of that in the marketplace.
Finally, lay out scenarios moving forward. Here’s what I mean by that: it’s possible that we’re entering the toughest season ever for membership renewals. Not necessarily now, but in the first quarter of 2021. Are you prepared now to talk about the return on investment? About the specific things that you have accomplished to move your industry forward? Can you showcase the examples of how you’ve helped members during the pandemic?
Lay out that plan right now so you can be better positioned for renewals in 2021.


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