Scripting – Key Tactic for Biz Dev Success



More than three years ago, I finally adopted a process which improved my business development performance more than any single activity.
Scripting became a necessary part of my sales process.  For phone calls, emails, presentations and, frankly, any important communication, MoeryLAI uses scripts to help us adopt clear messages and improve our dialog with customers.  Some of the benefits are a bit counter intuitive, but here is what I learned.
1. Better listening.  With a script, you are not as focused on what to say next.  And, when you are a better listener….
2. Improved response to common objections.  80% of the objections you hear from a prospect are the same.  Why not have a series of responses proven to work against something you hear over and over again?
3. Ensure each call has a purpose.  Every contact with a prospect or current client should have a reason to occur.  We don’t call “to check in,” because a good script doesn’t exist for that type of useless busy work.  if you are really calling to “check in” don’t waste your time, or that of the prospect.
I recommend reading Mike Brooks’ Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts and Bill Caskey’s Email It to start a system which works for you.


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