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Looking for a disruptive methodology to boost your marketing endeavors? Look no further than email – yes, email. Email marketing has completely changed how we reach out to prospects at The Moery Company. Our customized campaigns make us more efficient and sales are on the rise. I’d like to share the rationale, methodology, and best practices behind our approach with the hope the take-aways will enhance your efforts as well.
First off – I know many of you are thinking, “I hate email – email doesn’t work.” And, that’s so true because bad email doesn’t work. But, email works very well if the campaign is rigorously developed and carefully executed.
Allow me to share some convincing stats about email from an Inc Magazine webinar: 60% of all people read email in bed; 50% of all people admit they look at email in a meeting; and, 40% are reviewing their email while they are on the phone. Hey, I want to take advantage of a well-utilized technology shown to be statistically disruptive.
The biggest challenge is the number of emails is doubling every day – so, strategy is the name of the game. After you’ve honed in on your audience and defined the goals for the campaign – develop the structure and customize the content for your prospects. For example, we’ve found several things to be true:
1)      The #1 tactic people are using to make their emails sizzle? Using the word “Secrets” in the subject line as it relates to the content. People will respond: consider the title of my blog for instance.
2)      We’ve found we get a much better response when a first name is used in an email. What does the last name imply? “I don’t know you.”
3)      People also prefer some kind of image or video embedded within the message.
Most importantly, we provide in every message “clickable” content that is specialized and segmented, which provides us great market research on what interests our prospects (and, what doesn’t). Design your campaigns to be automated and ongoing to maintain a good presence. These campaigns also allow us to cover more ground and greatly add to our sales pipeline.
Next up – Best practices:
1) Less is more. Don’t cram too much information into one email. Two to three paragraphs tops.
2) Our campaigns tend to run 4 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity. You’ll want to consider Mail Chimp, Pardot or Informz as nearly all have some kind of automated campaign system in place.
3) Track all engagement within each email.
4) Don’t send more than one email a week.
5) Be sure to Include two to three links to quality, industry-relevant content within each message. More links confuse the reader regarding the action they should take.
6) Avoid language like: “Click here.”
7) And, just because recipients don’t take action with the first email; it doesn’t mean they never will. So keep engaging them.
Our results? We just had our best quarter ever with the launch of these campaigns. Open rates up to 40% per email and follow up with prospects via phone or email to address the content they took the time to investigate is a great methodology.
Final thought. I know you will have push back on email campaigns – but, if these are well crafted through a rigorous process – this approach can be one of the most effective ways to sell people. And, if you need any help – go ahead, and give me a shout.
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