Should I do membership renewals during this crisis? – Ask JP #018



Hey everybody. Welcome to a special Coronavirus edition of Ask JP. I get a lot of good questions from you all, here’s today’s question, “Should I do membership renewals during this crisis?”
Great question.
Here’s my take: absolutely.
There are a couple things happening. One is that your association, through your advocacy work and through distribution of information about the virus through webinars and your websites, is delivering a lot of value. You are demonstrating more value to some of these member companies than ever before.
I also think that there’s something else happening. Don’t say no for someone else. Send the invoice but make available the opportunity for payment plans, deferrals, or an extended grace period. As far as I’m concerned, you’re delivering excellent value. You’ve got the invoices; it is the renewal cycle. Be very accommodating and use the right tone, but keep moving forward with the business at hand.
Thank you for the question.
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