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Hi folks, this is a special edition of Ask JP during the COVID-19 crisis. I’ve received lots of great questions that are pertinent and relevant to today’s time. Here’s today’s question, “Should I cancel or should I delay my meeting?”
Every organization is a little bit different so the answer should take into consideration the location, size of the meeting, and other variables.
I’ve got a couple observations for you. The first is what I really like as far as what organizations are doing: they’re adjusting the meeting. They’re moving it to webinars, they’re delivering virtually some of the presentations that were already being prepared, they’re offering that content and utilizing their partners as sponsors of those individual sessions. The meeting and the event program doesn’t halt, but it moves into a newer platform and delivery. If you have events that have to happen live and in person I would encourage you to see what you can do about moving that back to a later date. And, I would also look at the future of event types. I think what’s going to happen in the long term, and this was already starting to occur, is that smaller, more exclusive events that are very focused, and provide more value and depth. That’s what’s going to happen with meetings for the long term. We’re going to get out of this, however, it may affect the larger events because of some concerns of some of our members of wanting to participate in those smaller programs. I think more is going to be moving online and I think it’s going to be smaller, more exclusive, and dive deeper with content.
Thanks for the question.
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