Showcase Your Association’s Strength Through Advocacy



As budgets are becoming tighter and discretionary spending falls under substantial scrutiny, companies are no longer joining associations based on a sense of corporate responsibility. Associations must provide a value proposition that answers the question, “What’s in it for me?”
Our industry’s success relies heavily on the work of our advocates and government relations teams and COVID-19 has massively transformed the way we conduct business. As we continue to move forward, companies are searching for direction on how to comply with the government ordinances to maintain safe operations for their employees while continuing to keep a profitable bottom line.
The events of 2020 have created a perfect storm to allow associations to showcase their strength and leadership through advocacy. The business community is looking for answers. Decision-makers are searching for direction on how to navigate the next phase of the pandemic: they want to know how to leverage government assistance programs and they need support to procure products and services to keep operations open and employees healthy. Business leaders want a seat at the table to express their concerns and discuss solutions needed to keep our economy secure.
Associations are tasked to lead multiple industries in shaping favorable policies moving forward. Now is the time to showcase your excellent work of advocating on behalf of your members by staying on the front lines to develop our economy’s future. Your prospects are paying attention and recognize the need to support your efforts through membership.
Many groups are finding success by hosting regular webinars, which is a great way to increase your virtual presence and educate the community about the vital political issues. Member conference calls can also provide a safe space to share individual stories and voice options on what is needed on the other side of this pandemic. People are hungry for content and contact. They want to connect with other businesses to network and share best practices. Make sure you are creating space for those opportunities.
We are all in this together and together we are stronger.


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