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About a month ago, our sales team discussed the potential benefit of making site visits to some of our client’s members to get a better perspective on their daily work.  As a result, I will be visiting a company nearby to learn about what exactly goes on inside their plants.  The plan is to get more exposure in the industry and be able to better articulate where an association might be able to assist new prospects.
You can read about business specifics, sports, news, and anything else for that matter, but the reality is until you get to experience something personally, it’s hard to speak with others who do the work on a regular basis.  If you are not visiting your current members and possible new ones right now, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about their issues and where you are helping them most.
I’m looking forward to my visit and will have more to come.  If you have any tips or successes of your own, feel free to reach out and discuss with me further at
If this sales content resonates with you, listen to the following video content by Jordan Weiss: Simplifying My Marketing Message to Prospects and Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Sales


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