Six tips from your prospects on how to sell them.



I had the opportunity to hear from our customer base today about what attracts them to solid vendors.  Additionally, I have witnessed a number of sales presentations recently.  Here are some observations:
1. If you bring a team to make a sales presentation, use them.  Don’t bring the Army and let one person speak.
2. Differentiation by expertise trumps price.  If you have a unique value proposition for the problem I’m solving, a premium price is warranted.
3. Don’t just cold call me.  Provide a specific reason or insights for your outreach.
4. Don’t send a mass email.  I’ll delete it with bias.
5. Make your RFP response stand out by offering initial analysis or observations over and above the request.
6. Show you have done some homework by customizing the offer.
Other than that, this business is easy!


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