I finally “jumped the shark” in my role as a parent of two young girls (13 and 9).
For six years, I have coached softball, attended band concerts, Girl Scout events, etc.  It is truly a joy to observe and support our young ones.
But, I’m fed up.  Literally.
Recently, I was politely asked to bring a “snack” for a cello recital.  What?!  When did we decide every single event, meeting, game, needs a brownie?
Here is what I’ll try next softball season.  No cupcakes after the game. No juice boxes.  Just bring water and help load the equipment afterwards.
Who’s with me?
And, since this is a leadership and business blog…is there a legacy program or “snack” that you continue to conduct although it brings little value or is a waste of time?  Take the time to eliminate it now.  Your staff might thank you.


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