Someone tried to sell me. What happened?



This week two people called to sell me something for a change.  The interesting role reversal provided an opportunity to critique and reflect.  Here are some observations.
The Salespeople were articulate.  In both cases the sales rep was well read, pleasant, not pushy, and knew the product.  They also seemed from very interested in delivering value to my company.
Referrals were used.
Then, we began to unravel…
All about them.  Both conversations were solely about their product.  Not once did the sales rep ask about me business, its goals or how we pursued the market.
No defined time for next steps.  One salesman sent the prospectus the same business day.  The other (and one I’m actually interested in) has yet to provide a proposal to consider.  Both missed the opportunity to agree on a specific time to discuss the value prop and if the program aligned with my company.  Good luck reaching me for the next conversation.  Not because I’m avoiding you, but because I’m scheduled to the hilt.  The other guy, who did not send the necessary information on the same business day.  Well, you have no chance.
Why you will lose the sale.  It wasn’t price or the less than optimum followup.  It was frankly the fact that neither salesperson showed any interest in my company, or what we were trying to accomplish.  That trumped everything else.  Because, I have the money. I just don’t want to spend it with you.


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