Sponsorship Programs Are an Opportunity for Both the Association & the Sponsor



So often associations’ sponsorship programs face the criticism of being a money grab or a way for organizations to pay their way into participation. However, this is not the case when executed well.
Sponsorship programs are a great opportunity for both the association and the sponsor to have a positive experience and support the association’s mission.
When designing a sponsorship program an association needs to consider return on investment, how the opportunities support both the organization and the sponsor, and how these facts are clearly communicated. By partnering together, sponsorships will provide the sponsor important brand awareness and marketing, while also creating a chance to interact with the association, attend an event, and learn firsthand what is valuable to the industry. For the association, an opportunity exists to interact directly with a member or potential member, enhance the membership’s meeting experience, and receive support for expenses that would allow funds to then be available for other mission supporting activities. If all these perspectives are kept in mind- this program is invaluable to both the association and its sponsors.
Make sure that the necessary information to describe the sponsorship program is easily accessible when considering how to communicate the details. Build a benefit package that helps the sponsor to easily identify the return on investment, understand how the event will showcase sponsors, and clearly describe how deliverables will be provided. Once finalized, the package will need to be laid out in a sponsorship prospectus with clear language that is concise and can easily be shared between the top management of a potential sponsor company. You may want to rethink the design if your prospectus can’t quickly be downloaded or easily attached to an email. Often a webpage on your event’s site is a great way to display the details of sponsorship, but make sure you have some sort of take away that can easily be accessed and shared. This could be your associations first impression – make it a good one!
Are you thinking about a sponsorship program? Or maybe your current sponsorship program needs a new look? Contact me at jackie@moerycompany.com so we can discuss how to support your sponsorship program!


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