Association Field Report (May 28, 2021) – Sponsorships and In-Person Meetings



Hello everybody, welcome to observations from the field. Through talking to our sales team this week, I had an observation around sponsorships.
Many of you are starting to for in-person meetings again. However, corporate travel policies may not have caught up with the ability to be in person for events. So, this could affect your sponsors.
I think you should think about structuring sponsorship efforts. Whether it’s branding, sponsoring content, or offering videos as part of a session.
Don’t tie all of your sponsorships to the sponsor being on site. Because they may not be able to be there. So, if you add a bunch of registrations and all this stuff, requiring participation for the sponsor at the meeting, you might lose them.
Make sure you’ve made it flexible so they can participate and engage. I hope that’s helpful, best wishes.


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