Why Did You Start a Business?



Every week, I have the opportunity to tell a story about why The Moery Company started – to a friend, colleague or customer. The reason is really quite simple and, as a result, this will be a short blog.
Here is the reason – I went on this crazy journey and along the way convinced some great people to join me: I didn’t want someone else in charge of my destiny.
That is flat out the reason. I wish there was something more inspirational or worldly. However, that was the gut motivation to build a new company with some great people.
For some, starting a new business may not be in the cards.  That may not be for you.  But, it’s my hope you capture a part of this world, which is determined by your unique passion and joy. I hope you will find ways to ensure your direction is not determined by someone else.
This is the most powerful part of this journey.  The freedom to chart your own course may change the way you think about everything – leadership, responsibility to others, accountability, and serving.
And, the way you think – determines what you do. And, what you do eventually maps out who you become.
That’s a story to tell people about.


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