Starting a Sales Career in a Global Pandemic



I joined the Moery Company’s business development team in mid-February, just before the global pandemic turned the association world upside down.
Three months later, I have learned that what attracted me to The Moery Company was the thing I needed most during a pandemic – a company that is flexible and knows how to pivot when times get tough. I have seen how a leadership team can be creative, supportive, and eager to take chances and new ideas for clients and staff, with a focus on transparency and communication every step of the way.
As JP said in a recent blog post, “it’s time to get tough.” My first few weeks in sales were consistent: conversation flowed and sales closed quickly. Then the pandemic hit. Associations and The Moery Company had a decision to make: are we in crisis or opportunity mode?  I, and the entire team, were in “opportunity” mode.
I continued to close membership sales and highlighting advocacy work, which enables companies to keep their doors open. I quickly pivoted and transformed in-person event sponsorship prospectuses into diversified virtual options, allowing vendors and suppliers to reach their targeted audiences in new and different ways. I called to check on prospects to see how their business was going and focused on the relationship and being a problem solver.
How have I been able to continue to move forward? Bouncing ideas off different team members, all of whom work with clients in industries that are being hit differently. My sales career in the association space has only just begun and I cannot wait to see what comes next.
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