Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone



The last few weeks our sales team has been discussing new ways of reaching prospects other than phone calls and email. Video and texting emerged as the two best options. While texting is easy, filming yourself during a sales pitch can be awkward. I found myself reluctant to try this at first.
There really was no reason to be unwilling other than the fact that I just did not want to try it, which is not much of an excuse. After some practice rounds, I’m beginning to feel a bit more comfortable and willing to at least TRY it. There is no harm in trying something new. When you are stuck in your ways there is no room for growth.
Stepping out of your comfort zone can be difficult, but it usually ends up being beneficial and you wonder why you hadn’t taken that step forward previously. What are you scared of trying right now? Give it a shot- it might pay off in the long run. Good luck – Jordan
If this sales content resonates with you, listen to the following video content by Jordan WeissSimplifying My Marketing Message to Prospects and Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Sales


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