Super Companies Joining Associations – Association Field Report (March 5, 2021)



Hello everybody, I am excited to share another field report with you today.
Recently, we have seen a lot of incredible super companies starting to join our associations. These companies are generally supported by private equity. For example, huge technology companies that have multiple interest, penetrate multiple industries and have competitiveness around some of our core members and our legacy members.
From this I have two thoughts. One, they’re most likely going to need more expertise and specialization. Which may lead you to broaden the issues that you cover to be attracted to them and retain them.
Thought two, it’s possible that they have some competitiveness around your core members and your legacy members that have been around for a long time.
So, while it is enticing to get the super companies into your membership, I want you to reflect through the implications of it. And just be aware of the impact that it might have. It is a great opportunity, but I think it’s something that needs to be thought through.
Best wishes, JP.


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