What Does it Take – Brains or Behavior?



To be the best, are you required to hire the smartest people?
Last week I thought about my most fantastic colleagues and what made them so. Upon reflection, I realized many of these people weren’t the “smartest in the room.” In this knowledge economy, with information so readily available, I rarely see a situation where the team or the company is not smart or informed enough to succeed.   The superstars were not the best educated, trained or experienced. But, they did get great results through behavioral qualities:
They showed up and posted a quality effort every day. Hall of fame baseball players get an extra hit each week more than the run of the mill journeyman. That is what it takes – a hit each week. The key is to engage every day – be solid.
Without exception, they possess a “let’s light this candle” attitude. It’s really simple. Do you generate energy or suck it out of your organization? Organizations have very little time for the excuse, the maintenance or the drama. Those types of individuals eventually just play themselves out of the game. The very best just keep grinding away with a half full mentality.
They are passionate solution providers. I’m convinced most companies, associations and people are a little (or a lot) screwed up. However, great talent is willing to do something about it. The person griping about the problem can hit the door, and the person willing to fix it (or keep improving) gets the promotion.
Hmmm…maybe they are the smartest people after all.


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