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A Moery Company LogoOver the last several months, I’ve made a point to “double down” on social media and content delivery to build awareness about The Moery Company. I have to laugh though because some of these wonderful people that engage with us think we are specialists in the game. Fact is, we are total novices  However, we are learning some handy tactics along the way.
We’re a two-person communications team at The Moery Company. Kim Gilliam and I started our effort from scratch. We developed (quite by accident) a social strategy all our own, which seems to be working. Over a relatively short time, our efforts, mainly Kim’s has raised our profile and accelerated our business. Big time. And, I encourage every small business and association to take a crack at it. Believe me, you can do it.
Here’s our game plan:
#1 Every month or so, we have a content meeting to identify 3 to 6 topics from leadership to association growth strategies to entrepreneurship. I talk through (rant) the main ideas behind these topics with Kim, and from there blogs are developed. We loosely repurpose our blog content as a basis for podcast scripting and our Facebook Live broadcasts.
#2 Blogs are posted throughout the month across our social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and our e-newsletter. This is done directly from our website utilizing social media management systems like HootSuite and Co-Scheduling. And, as I mentioned, that same content is repurposed in audio or video format with some tweaking, and then promoted again for several weeks through those same channels.
We also have some good friends in the industry who regularly “comment, share, like, and retweet” our content. Continued engagement is the goal!
Don’t be afraid to give it try. Putting yourself out there can be intimidating at first, but I don’t get too caught up by what other people may think. My true intent is to help others with some business strategies that have worked for me.
Another key idea is to be authentic. Don’t get too rehearsed or polished on the production or scripting side. I think this puts a barrier between your personality, passion and ideas and the audience
I wish you the best of luck, and if you want to chat about getting started, shoot me a message at jp@moerycompany.com.


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